I am in such a fucking mess my vagina has been hurting for 4 months non stop I have had a UTI bloody UTI and I am expecting my period too
Yeah it starts like this it’s a smashing of the mmmm the fallopian tube I just twist and I twist it and I tear it and I twist it and tear it and cut it in little pieces and I feed it to the dog and I carry it around like a trophy pulling it out of my legs x 4 and then I move on and there is the urethra and I smash it I smash it I put something inside very softly and I rrrrram it around I rrrrraaaam it around with spikes yeah with spikes I rrraaaam it around and then there is the other thing the other thing inside the what is it called the vagina, the vaginal walls I scratch them with my little fingers I scratch them with my nails

Or I ask for some help, I ask for some help, I ask my cousin to take a cactus, take a cactus, lube it up and very very slowly insert it into my I ask my other cousin as well and insert it into the I ask my third cousin as well insert it into the the vulva? And then it goes up into the vaginal space and they have four, four cacti, they have four long spiky beautiful glistening cacti and I ask my fifth cousin and I ask my sixth cousin and I ask my seventh cousin, you know I come from Greece so it’s a big family, and I ask my ninth cousin and my tenth cousin and my elevent cousin and they all, they all take a cactus and they push it up all together and I love it, I love it, and they are going up into the space, into my fallopian tubes and they, they, they , they want to be there, and I want them to be there and it’s a celebration, it’s a celebration, it’s a celebration of my organs and they and my eleven cousins love they love it and they are going up with their hands and they are looking for something, they are looking for my eggs, Im ovulating yes, they are looking for my eggs, my eggs, my eggs  and they prickle them and my eggs start oozing they start oozing and the ooze goes out slowly, and I start, I start, I start giving birth to the cacti, I start giving birth to the cacti and I love it, and it’s a celebration and I love it!!!!!

I just want a cupcake in my asshole come on push push I want a big massive cupcake in my asshole give it to me give it to me yes it’s creamy it feels nice but don’t get me pregnant don’t get me pregnant I hate children and make sure the whipped cream is vegan cause I can’t take it any other way   

Let’s just stick a chello by the window, do you play the cello no I don’t but let’s just stick a cello by the window, why, so that people think I play the cello but do you play the cello? No I don’t but people will think I play the cello, let’s just stick a cello by the window

Open your asshole now and put back your turd. I don't want your turd put it back where It came from. It’s not a turd it has a name! Really? What’s the name? Steven. Steven? You named your turd after your father? Yes, this is what people do in Greece. Really? You name your turds after people you love? What if you take a crap? What if you take a gigantic crap? What are you going to name that after. Your sister? And what if you have diarhoiea? Are you going to name your diarhoia after your hundreds of stupid cousins?

Stop yelling, ill name my crap whatever name I want and if I am constipated, I’ll name my smelly farts after you. I think the smell is not from your farts, I think it’s from your dirty turd crappng. Your shitty little turd crapping everywhere.

It  is your turd too!!

Yes, but I never asked for it. I never asked for a turd crapping everywhere. What do you do with a turd like that? I’ll tell you what you do, you flash it down the toilet and you hope that the flush works properly, so that the turd does not come floating right back. And if it does, you cut small pieces of paper and cover it up, like people do ,not knowing that that does not look inconspicuous at all. So, take your turd and go to your mother. I’ms a person. I have a life, I have needs. I can’t see you hugging a turd all day – singing to your bloddy farty turd – you don't even have hemorroids. I am a person too. I need to be loved. I need to be loved.